Zahra Rohani

2021 Special Mention


A village without taliban in Afghanistan

In these pictures you can see a beautiful view of a village in Afghanistan. These days, the Taliban are advancing and occupying districts and provinces, but this beautiful village is not under the control of the Taliban, and men and women in this village are fighting against the Taliban. I went through the risky ways to travel to this village and take pictures of it, but it was worth taking pictures of. I took these photos during my trip a few days ago (4th July 2021).

About the Photographer

Zahra Rohani (b.2003) Kabul, Afghanistan. “I am a teenage girl who has been interested in photography since I was a child, but I did not have the facilities. I did not have a camera or anything else. I face the Taliban and the extremists, but I will not give up. I may not be a professional, but I promise myself to be the most professional”.