Nachiket Sharma

2021 Commended


Love, Hope and Prayers

When independence is replaced by dependence, sanity by moments of dementia, and the joy of living by pain and despair, a proud woman’s suffering is tough to witness. Her inner agitations and helplessness must give way to peace of mind. It’s the love, hope and prayers of the family which keeps the hope aloft. Unfortunately, the photographers Grandmother suffered a stroke last year, which left her partially immobile and dependent for help. For a very independent woman, it was rather difficult for her to reconcile to the fact that she now needed others’ help for the simplest of chores and relied on their assistance for her daily basic necessities.  Now, a year later, she has been diagnosed as slipping into dementia. She is losing her touch with reality and survives on the periphery of her memories. Unable to distinguish between night and day, her perception of reality is rapidly fading.

About the Photographer

Nachiket Sharma (b.2002) is an 18 year old photographer from India. He was just 16 when he was awarded his first commendation by The Ian Parry Scholarship in 2019, which has prompted him to pursue a one year Diploma in Photography from Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication, New Delhi. He was the Runner Up (13-18 Youth Category) of CBRE – the Urban Photographer of the Year in 2018. His series ‘Peacock Dancers’ has been selected for the UNESCO – Youth Lens on the Silk Roads Travelling Exhibition in 2019.