Julian Cabral

2022 Highly Commended



My uncle Carlos is 53 years old. Since birth, he has been suffering from schizophrenia and a great developmental delay, which seriously affects his mental health. In his adolescence, the situation worsened even more, his problems and symptoms came to light and began to alter his daily life. Today, after several decades, the reality is already critical. For 18 years I have spent every Sunday visiting the house of my uncle “Lito” in Burzaco, Province of Buenos Aires. As a boy, I was always frightened of his person, his hygiene, his situation, I was disgusted to eat and be in his house. There were days when I did not greet him because of the conditions in which I found him and others in which I did not go to the bathroom, because of how dirty it was. Today, although the environment is the same, after countless Sundays visiting him, answering his calls at night, with other eyes, with another look, it woke up in me the need to tell his life, his mind, what a person with his problems lives, feels and thinks of mental health.This project does not seek to tell only the life of my uncle “Lito”, it also seeks to narrate the days of a schizophrenic, sick, lonely person, who lives with terror, anguish and in precarious condition.

About the Photographer

Julian Cabral (b. 2004) is an 18 year old, born and living in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last year he finished high school at Colegio Cangallo Schule. He stumbled upon documentary photography by chance, in isolation due to the 2020 pandemic, documenting the days of his father’s confinement. Since then, he has received some awards in photography competitions, representing his school and independently. To date, he is taking several courses in documentary and journalistic photography and is working as a photojournalist for the township of Tigre, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Cabral is also continuing to work on his project about the life of his uncle “Lito” (the project recognised by the Ian Parry Scholarship).