Capella Buncher

2020 The Canon Award for Potential


And the Livin’ is Easy

‘And the Livin’ is Easy’ is a rebellion against the demonising, two-dimensional stereotypes of working-class people that permeate British media, entertainment and wider society. In contrast to Jeremy Kyle’s poverty porn, Gymbox’s ‘chav bashing’ classes and Rees-Mogg’s assertion that Grenfell victims ‘lacked common sense’, Capella presents unique characters with complex existences. The project zooms into different members of her family and seeks to visualise the more abstract and psychological impact of being poor in Britain. This series captures her teenage brother’s struggle with depression and the space he shares with their 42-year-old brother, her father’s isolation, her desperately coping mother and the strained relationships that hold them all together.

About the Photographer

Capella Buncher (b. 1995) is a photographer from London, exploring the inequalities of the British class system and illuminating underrepresented existences. She only started creating images in the winter of 2019, yet her photos have been exhibited as a part of ‘Please Mind the Flash’ 2019 and featured both in print and online by the BBC, Lecture in Progress and Magnum Photos. Since winning the 2020 Ian Parry Scholarship, Capella intends to extend ‘And the Livin’ is Easy’ beyond her family, to the rest of Britain, with the desire to encapsulate the diversity and complexity of the working class. Capella’s intention is to educate and raise consciousness, as well as nurture class solidarity and community.