Hosam Katan

2015 Highly Commended


About the Photographer

Hosam Katan a Photographer from Aleppo – Syria, born in Aleppo at 2-1-1994 – I have a high school certificate.

In mid-2012 I began filming in Aleppo Media Center (A.M.C) a local network news agency in my city of Aleppo. I started documenting the events, which happened in my neighbourhood. I live in the city of Aleppo because of the war in my country and started photographing and when the foreign journalists and photographers began to come to Syria and the city of Aleppo, I started learning from them and they helped me and I learnt from their work. I went with them to the frontline and I learned from them and their experiences. In the late 2013 I began working as freelance photographer with the Reuters agency. I have been injured in the frontline when I was filming and a sniper from the forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad shot me and I was injured. I am now in Turkey where I receive treatment and I want to complete the work in the field of photography. I want to study at a university in Europe or America to make an academic study and gain a certificate from the university and became an official photojournalist.