Hosam Katan

2014 Special Award



Hosam Katan, born in 1994, is from Aleppo, Syria. He finished high school in the city before the war in his country started and planned to study at the university in the press section – but the conflict prevented him from doing so. Instead, he picked up a camera and began to take pictures of what was happening to the world around him.

“Photography has been my dream since I was small. When the war in my country began, with events happening every day close to me, I decided to start filming what is happening. I started working for Aleppo Media Center (AMC). I learned the basics of photography from the international journalists who started coming to Syria. In 2013, I began working with Reuters as a photographer. My ambition is to develop as a photographer and [work in] global imaging by covering events such as conferences and sporting events; to turn to photography in all its forms and to convey the true picture of the events. Maybe I can change the world’s opinion about what’s happening in Syria, especially because of the massacres I see every day.”

About the Photographer