Kazi Riasat

2013 Commended


“Life at Suhrawardi Uddan”

Suhrawardi Uddan is the Bangladesh’s largest and the oldest park which is also related to many historic events of the country. This space not only serves the dwellers of Dhaka as a park but also has become a shelter for abundant people coming from different parts of Bangladesh. From years after years this park is giving shelter to the homeless people, specially climate refugees coming from the southern regions of the country and also shelter for the people those are coming to Dhaka in search of income. This park is also a hanging out space for many artists, as the biggest art college of Bangladesh is located just beside this park. Beside Whatmany intellectuals, writers, film makers, photographers, journalists come to this park regularly and hang out with their fellows. Such a way this park has become a hub for sharing knowledge among many artists and intellectuals of the country as well. But during night the scenario of the park changes. In many parts of the park roaming street prostitutes and cheap drug dealers can be seen at night. Homeless people and the drug addicts coming to the park are the main clients of them.

About the Photographer

Kazi Riasat Alve was born in June 22 1990. He is mostly a self-taught photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At first he was a student of business school but serious passion about photography leaded him to become a photographer. He is interested in photographing social and humanitarian issues mainly. He participated in documentary photography workshop conducted by Agence Vu’ photographer Pieter Ten Hoopen. He won various awards including People & Planet Award 2011, Shortlisted in Sony World Photography Awards 2013, Won Life on The Street Photography Award and also Shortlisted in Protect The Human Photography Contest jointly arranged by Amnesty International & International School, Dhaka. Currently he is enrolled in documentary photography mentorship program under prominent documentary photographer Saiful Huq Omi at Counter Foto.