Jashim Salam

2011 Commended


Water World

The effects of climate change-rising sea levels and sea surface temperatures which result in greater instances in the Bay of Bengal-have made vulnerable the lives and livelihoods not only of people of coastal area but also great threatens to city like Chittagong and Khulna, two major port cities of Bangladesh.

Scientist predicted that most of the coastal area of Bangladesh will be submerged under water by the year 2050.It is very concerning that it could happen before the timeline. Chittagong, has been experiencing heavy tidal surges these days quite often. Although government of Bangladesh and concerning authority still didn’t pay attention to this climate threat to the cities and coastal area. The old part of the Chittagong city Chaktai, Khatunganj, Bakolia, and Agrabad are worst effected places. Chaktai and Khatunganj are the core of business of the country, is in great danger to extinct under water in recent future.

Millions of people living in those areas and business community of Chaktai and Khatunganj have to fight with tidal surge sometimes twice a day. Many resident of the area said they only witnessed tidal surge in 1991 when a hurricane hit the coastal area of Chittagong. But the tidal surge of recent years rise more than that cyclone of 1991 and remains for couple of days causing great concern for the inhabitants.

About the Photographer

Born in 1978, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

As a social being I have been observing various class discrimination in the society from childhood.Through the medium of photography i am trying to grow social awareness into the society.

Throughout I am focusing more on social documentary such as migrant workers, handicapped people, and climate refugees.

I am studying photojournalism in Pathshala (The South Asian Media Academy and institute of Photography).

My work has been published in numerous national and international newspapers, magazines and publications including The Sunday Times Magazine, New Internationalist, Reader’s Digest, Himal South Asian, Better Photography, The Climate Crisis, CNN, Photojournale, National Geographic online, Reuters, Garuda Indonesia magazine, Forum Magazine, and many others.

My photographs exhibited in Bangladesh, France, U.A.E, China, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Russia and USA.

Recipients of many prestigious awards including, Jury’s special award in 6th Humanity Photo Awards, Emirates Photography award, Ian Parry scholarship, YIPPA award, FCCT photojournalism award, IPA street photography award, 69th International Photographic Salon of Japan (Ashahi Shimbun) award. People and Planet award, CEDAW Photo award, CGAP microfinance photo award, International year of biodiversity award, Europe and Asia – dialogue of cultures photo award, Kuanas photo contest award, Garuda Indonesia International photo award.