We are delighted to announce our 2014 Ian Parry Scholarship winner is Alejandro Cegarra

We are delighted to announce that Alejandro Cegarra from Venezuela has won the Ian Parry Scholarship 2014 with his outstanding portfolio, ‘The Tower of David’  Congratulations Alejandro,  this is extremely well deserved.  We would also like to congratulate Rahul Talukder who won Highly Commended, Mario Wezel on his Commended award, Md Shahnewaz Khan for his Honourable Mention and Hosam Katan for his special award.

Our press release can be download here IAN PARRY SCHOLARSHIP 2014 PRESS RELEASE

We would like to thank our Sponsors and Judges for their support during this, our 25th Anniversary year. Thank you also Olivier Laurent and Kira Pollack of TIME magazine for your piece http://lightbox.time.com/2014/08/12/venezuela-alejandro-cegarra-inside-the-tower-of-david-the-worlds-tallest-squat/ 

The other side of the tower of David

 Photography by Alejandro Cegarra
Their portfolios will be on view on this website shortly today.