Supporting young talent

We have asked a selection of Ian Parry alumni to reflect on what it meant to them to win the Ian Parry Scholarship. This week Russian photographer Igor Elukov, who won the first Award for Potential when it was introduced in 2016, shares his experience.

IPS: With which work did you win the Ian Parry Scholarship?

IE: I won a Scholarship with a project about life in the far north of Russia, a story which I worked on for four years.



© Igor Elukov


IPS: How did winning affect your professional career?

IE: First of all, the Scholarship allowed me to continue working on the project and finish a movie. Recently, I had a big personal exhibition in Switzerland, also partly thanks to the Scholarship. Plus, now I have a good camera.

IPS: What are you working on right now?

IE: Now I’m working on a new film and an art project.



© Igor Elukov


IPS: What advice do you have for young photographers who enter this year?

IE: I have no advice. As Buddha said: “Be a lamp unto yourself.”