Keep your edit tight

We have asked a selection of Ian Parry alumni to reflect on what it meant to them to win the Ian Parry Scholarship. This week Harriet Logan advises. She was the second Ian Parry winner in 1992 and is currently on the Board of Trustees.

IPS: With which work did you win the Ian Parry Scholarship?

HL: I won the Ian Parry award in 1992 for work I did in Somalia and Sudan.

sudan_sillouettes.HL© Harriet Logan


IPS: How did winning affect your professional career?

HL: Winning the Ian Parry award completely changed my life. I became part of an incredible extended family who supported me in countless ways and helped me make my dreams of being a working photographer come true.

IPS: What are you working on right now?

HL: I have just been working on an advertising campaign for Nationwide and I continue to grow the Incite project which is a collection of issue based photography.

IPS: What advice do you have for young people that are entering this year?

HL: Keep your edit tight. Think about how you are telling the story you wish to tell to people who have never seen your work before. Make sure that your written proposal makes sense and is practical and interesting.

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