Acceptance speech of Ian Parry Scholarship 2015 winner Yuyang Liu

Ian Parry Scholarship 2015 Private View


“Today, we’re here to remember Ian Parry who passed away in Romania on December 1989. Ian was a talented and respected photojournalist, and he has inspired me and all the Ian Parry Scholarship winners and entrants and passes his spirit of photography on from generation to the next. 

We’re now one family, a really big family, this is how a young photographer starts his career in photojournalism and supports others. 

Honestly, it’s not easy to be a journalist in China for some reasons you all know, it’s even harder to be a young freelancer photographer in China, this scholarship gives me encouragement to do more reports about the social justice, environment or urbanization issues in China in the future as a new generation of Chinese photographer. I’ve been always thinking about what I can do for our children living in China, it’s our responsibility to make a change, it can be a very tiny one, it can be very small influence to the society, but it’s a drop of water gathering into the ocean and push some progress. And thank you, Don, Aidan, Rebecca and all of you coming here today who really helped a lot for the Ian Parry Scholarship, this exhibition and even for me. Lastly, I’d like to thank the people who’re thousands miles away from us, which are the the 6 families I’ve visited early this year, it’s their bravery and persistence that supports their family members with mental illness and helps to get more attention from the society. Thank you very much” Yuyang Liu

Ian Parry Scholarship Winner 2015